September 23, 2010


When I planned my trip to Chicago, I was informed by my iCal that Rach McF's birthday was occurring while I was going to be there.

So I invited all the girls to Michelle's. Good guests invite others to their host's house, right? Some friends are just at that point.

Michelle and I are. I mean, I've taken pictures of her in the bathtub for goodness sake. So I invited 10 people to come over for dinner. And cake. And to stay the night. Best guest ever.

Then we celebrated this girl's day of birth.
Man, I like this woman. Even when Rach's talking about (self-proclaimed) nerdy stuff which I have no clue about.
Sonic Screwdriver
And apparently a photo reference to Doctor Who.
(Just so you know, as a "nerdy" thing, I actually knew exactly what she was talking about.)

Michelle made this cake from Aunt Peaches' blog.
Chocolate cake, chocolate-peanut butter ganache, chopped Reese's peanut butter cups...deeeeeeeeeeee-licious! Oh and zucchini, so it was a health food.

She brought the crazy train to the kitchen.

Birthday Girl

It wasn't even my birthday, but I felt pretty special on September 21st to be surrounded by such amazing, awesome, supportive, encouraging, ambitious women.

I don't know what Rach wished for, but I hope it was for years and years and years with these women in our lives.

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