September 12, 2010

Sing Me to Heaven

(If for some reason that won't work, does it work? Here's a video.)

In my heart's sequestered chambers lie truths stripped of poets' gloss
Words alone are vain and vacant, and my heart is mute
In response to aching silence, memory summons half-heard voices
And my soul finds primal eloquence, and wraps me in song

If you would comfort me, sing me a lullaby
If you would win my heart, sing me a love song
If you would mourn me and bring me to God,
sing me a requiem, sing me to Heaven

Touch in me all love and passion, pain and pleasure
Touch in me grief and comfort, love and passion, pain and pleasure
Sing me a lullaby, a love song, a requiem
Love me, comfort me, bring me to God

Sing me a love song, sing me to Heaven


  1. it is very ethereal. beautiful.

    I think I sang this with my undergrad. I like. what prompted the sharing, this time?

  2. I also sang this when I was in college! mmm, Gawthrop.