September 8, 2010


We had some visitors last weekend.
Megan's parents came out for the holiday weekend.
And Megan's birfday.

I baked a cake, but I didn't take a picture.
We played Settlers of Catan, but I didn't take a picture. And not just because I lost either. Do you play Settlers? Do you want to be friends? ( :

We did go to a Durham Bulls baseball game though, and I remembered my camera!


I got a new lens, it allows me to zoom in new ways I never thought possible. Of course, it would help if my hands were a bit steadier. Or if there were more light. Obviously, I'm no professional photographer.
Home Run!
It was possibly the most exciting baseball game I've ever been to. Several double-plays, a homerun in the 9th inning, a 10th inning, and a funnel cake. What a night!
Funnel Cake
I may have eaten this funnel cake. Nearly all of it.
Then I may have felt a little nauseated. A funnel cake is like a giant pile of doughnuts. You know how I feel about doughnuts. I couldn't stop. So yummy.

Also yummy...

Who's up for a visit out east to the big Durham next? Baseball season's over, but there are always fun and exciting things to do!

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  1. oh yum. yeah, i don't know if I have ever eaten a whole funnel cake. I also don't know if I have ever actually bought one...

    but I would so be up for playing Catan with you. maybe I would win... John always wins with me.