September 14, 2010

5 Things that are Wrong with Me

There are most definitely more than five things that are wrong with me. Please feel free to not elaborate upon this list. Thank you.

1. I went to Whole Foods in Durham. Because there's a guy who works there who happens to be easy on the eyes. Then I waited in his line just so he would check me out. Pathetic. Seriously though, sometimes I try to think of reasons to go there just to gaze at his lovely face, his confidently hooked nose, his sexy tattoo, his beautiful eyes. Then I remember that I'm me which means that I'm shy which means that I'm not actually going to do anything and I'm just going to imagine things which if I wanted that to change I'd have to grab life by the balls and if I were going to do that it would be a miracle which is really quite sad.

Almost as sad as that pathetically punctuated, non-gramatically correct, run-on sentence.

2. I can't stop buying yarn. It's a problem. I went to Michael's for some other crafty stuff (see #3) and I had to get yarn because it was on sale and available in beautiful colors. Two skeins. AHHHHH!!! I'm going to have a yarn room when I grow up. And I will make hats.

3. I'm so cheap that I saw a cardigan I liked on Anthropologie's website. It was $98. I don't want to spend $98 (which comes to over $100 when you add in tax and shipping and all that) on a cardigan. So I purchased a $10 cardigan from Old Navy and I'm going to try to do a similar applique. I'll let you know how it goes.

4. When I give a massage, I generally spend about 50 minutes in completely silence. The sound of spa music and breathing are all I hear. Then my mind wanders. What do I think about? Usually cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream, pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, white cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream, strawberry cupcakes, lemon cupcakes with a lemon curd center and whipped icing, homemade ho-hos...etc. It's a problem.

5. I'm trying to buy plane tickets to go to Kansas for the Christmas season. Except I need to know if I should fly back to North Carolina from Kansas or from Indiana. Mostly I need to know this because I need to know if I need to start preparing to drive one-way or two-ways with 5 other people (6 adults) and one dog in a mini-van to Indiana. It's a long preparation for a two-way trip. Fifteen hours (each way) in a van with your parents, brothers, SIL, and sister-dog is a lotta love. And a lot of patience. A lot of action adventure movie series-es(?). A lot of fast food (which if you're mostly vegetarian, is no bueno). And not a lot of personal space.

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