October 2, 2009


So, I've spent some time telling your my prejudices against men...you know: tenors, wearing rings, potentially not into women, the "bro" complex, smoking, and shirtless wonders.

The list isn't complete.

However, I thought I'd shed some positive light on men rather than my constant negativity. You know, "maybe I'll find one if I'm in a positive state of mind" that thing.

Things I love in men:
1. Red Hair: Oh, man...the gingers. They slay me! I love it! Plus a)I would use the term "firecrotch" as frequently as possible because I find it to be HILARIOUS and b)I could have ginger babies. Nothing is cuter than a ginger baby in a cardigan.

2. Facial Hair: Now, I'm more picky about this, but I like a little 5 o'clock shadow, a nicely groomed beard or goatee. The only thing is that sometimes it just doesn't work. Sometimes a man gets a case of the "vagina face". Yes, that's what I call it. You know when the "goatee" looks more like un-groomed lady bits. (Sorry.)

3. Humor: I don't mean the raunchy, profanity filled humor, although that can have it's time and place, but the day to day clever funny, seeing the humor in random situations, that kind of thing. (Oh, man that sentence structure was BAD. Can I buy another comma? I'm sorry.)

4. Hard work: I don't care if it's farming, construction, teaching, computer stuff, writing, firefighers, cooking...whatever; if he loves it and works hard at it and is excited about it. I'm smitten. Unless "it" is illegal, then not so much.

5. Beliefs: I'm not necessarily attracted to all beliefs, I mean I want to raise my children in a Christian environment, so I'm really looking for someone who can identify with that. However, I think developing, nurturing and embodying your beliefs is difficult and admirable and VERY attractive.

6. Bald: Bald and beautiful. It takes confidence which is SEX-AY.

7. Talent: Artistic, athletic, social a man who knows what he's good at. Yummy.

8. Legs: Show me athletic, muscular legs/butt/thighs and I'm not looking up. At least for awhile. Give me a moment to admire.

And that's all I can think of for now, but I know I have others. You may think I'm picky, but not in the aesthetic department. More in the personality/ability department.

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