October 14, 2009

Five things I want right now...

1. To be able to purchase whatever I want on iTunes.

2. To have a functional phone.

3. To see my people. Family, why did I choose to live so far away?

4. To be one month ahead with my budget.

5. To cuddle with a male other than Hank.

(Yes, this is Gilbert Blythe)

There are definitely some other things I want...world peace, to know my vocation, the ability to think of a place and magically show up there, life to be like Glee (in the singing songs part), to go to the movies whenever I want to, to have enough people to eat my baked goods so I don't eat them myself (ahem, half a pan of blondies...), etc.

1 comment :

  1. yes, i love that I knew that was gilbert blithe *before* I read it. sigh.