October 20, 2009

I have no life

When you're in-between jobs and everyone you know is working or kickin' it as a student, you spend a lot of time alone.

Or with your crazy cat Hank.

Yes, I'm talking about me. Amy Elizabeth Hoffman, alone with my cat. Pretending like I'm a crazy cat lady except I'm not there yet.

Don't worry.

So, when I'm home alone I spend a lot of time watching TV. It's my comfort and my joy. Just kidding about the joy part. Except, having all this free time makes me want to stay updated on my favorite shows. So when I'm offered a job, I must use all my willpower to not choose my hours around my favorite shows.

The Next Iron Chef

Besides being less cut-throat than Top Chef on Bravo, did you see these men?


Yes, you may cook for me anytime. I will go back to eating meat. Maybe it's the tattoos, we all know I have a thing for those, but seriously these men are 1)confident and 2)amazing chefs meaning that I want to meet them. Tomorrow please.

Project Runway
I still don't have a favorite! How can it be this far into the season and I don't have a favorite? No one is exceptionally nasty or talented compared to everyone else. I love watching every week though. I like that these first two shows are being less cut-throat than they've been in the past and yet, I still want to watch. See, you can leave the drama at the door!

Grey's Anatomy

Speaking of leaving the drama at the door. Crap, Grey's is full of DRAMA this season. OK, so it's always been full of drama. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't even watch this season except that I'm BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Besides, they're doing that "we're ignoring the fact that Ellen Pompeo is preggers thing" and they had her in a bed during the whole last episode where she is very, very with child. Like 8 months...and we're not supposed to notice? At least they didn't do that whole "she's just gaining weight" thing that they do in some shows. The story lines are just getting out of control. As is Izzy's wig.

I love Joel McHale. Enough said.

Seriously, people. Seriously GO WATCH THIS SHOW. I am in love. Or at least in serious like.

I can't stop listening to this song:

If you have time head over to Fancast and watch "Preggers" or "Throwdown." I firmly believe that all music is best when done in a choral arrangement. I may only believe that because I love choir, but who are YOU to judge ME?

So that is my life right now. Someone is meeting with the new management at the location of future employment tomorrow! YAY! So happy thoughts are appreciated!

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