October 21, 2009

En Fuego

Ahh...this morning I got up early (8:15!) to meet MG for dropping off lease applications and some quick shopping.

I decided to make coffee. Last night I made Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies (more to follow on that), so I cleared off the area around the burner moving the hot pads and the parchment paper away. I turned on the burner and went to check my email and the weather for the day and all that jazz.

Then I started to smell something.

Something funny.

Like burning plastic.

Wait a minute! That's not right!

I walked into the kitchen and saw flames almost up to the hood above the stove. This is not good. The pot holders and parchment paper were....disappearing in smoke fast. AHHH!!!

I had turned on the front burner rather than the back one. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So I grabbed a pan (from the box on the floor, we're packing) and tried to smother the fire and move it into the sink so I could put it out. This worked reasonably well. Then I started opening the windows and trying to get the doors open when the fire alarm went off. It's a loud one.

Then I freaked out because I wasn't sure if the fire department was automatically contacted when the alarm went off.

And I was naked.

EEK! So I ran up and put on a robe while Megan continued fanning around the alarm then I opened the doors and windows. Eventually we got things under control. And no hot firemen came over. (Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not sure.)

In other news:
1. We signed a lease today! YAY!!!! We're not going to be homeless and we're moving this weekend.
2. I did my final paperwork to start at Massage Envy and I'm starting on Friday! YAY!!! I'm no longer unemployed!

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