March 18, 2013

'sup hank?

When my mom found out I was coming home for spring break she arranged it so my brother would bring Hank out to stay with us.

You may imagine our joyus reunion: he hears my voice, we spot each other from across the room, we run toward each other, and he jumps into my arms! 
Well, keep imagining. He's still a cat after all. 

It took him two days to come out of hiding and find me.

I will say, the nephew is pretty terrifying. 
Look at that face. Too much toddler could scare any creature. (-:

When they had to go back to school he spent most of his time hanging out. Gazing out windows. Running away from Daisy [back when Daisy stayed at my brother's it was Hank who tortured her]. Teasing the dogs by staying inside the screen door and then running away as soon as they barked.
I miss you Hankity-pankity-pants!

love you people,
the crazy-for-one-cat lady

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