March 20, 2013

5 things

1. It's barely the first day of spring and I'm ready for it to really arrive! Sunshine and warmth and seasonal produce and all that, so what I'm saying is, I want this:
Oliver Lake, Indiana
Yup, that seems about right.

2. Coffee. COFFEE. COFFFEEEEE. Want. [I realize I have yet to write a sentence for #2, and I've used four periods.]
If it says skinny on the cup, does that mean it will make me skinny? Pleasesayyes. 

3. I think I've come up with a new plan for school. Sorry I didn't include you in the plan. I'll let you know how it pans out. Yup, I'm mysterious. It ups my interesting factor don't you think?

4. I love blogs like...whoa, and GOOGLE RSS IS QUITTING ME.
It's been my jam for years. I have been a faithful, loyal, lovah to Google Reader. So, I made sure to quit it first. I made the switch to bloglovin' today after reading this tutorial.

You don't RSS yet? I don't even know you.

5. I arranged and rearranged a few things up in hurrr. Whatcha think? I'm kind of into colors in a rainbow variety lately, please refer to numero uno.

love you people.


  1. I was about to ask you for a RSS recommendation so thank you very much! Love <3 Jess

    1. guuurrrrrl, you know I've got you.

      now, get to blogging so I have things to read! (-: