March 30, 2013

For Your Aural Pleasure

New and old things I have discovered lately in the music and story realm.


I have three words for you: This American Life.

Podcast that awesomesauce, friends. I've been driving quite a bit lately and an hour of This American Life is the fastest hour you will ever spend. Case in point: every time I've gotten lost--always driving from West Virginia to Ohio oddly--it's been while I'm listening to This American Life. I recommend listening to this when you drive I-70 across Missouri when you cannot miss a turn since there aren't any.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist

I have now made a goal to learn how to rap. Wish me luck!

**This album is so explicit that if there is a clean version at least half the words are missing. JUDGE ME.**


Another gem from npr, also tons of fun! 

You can listen to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Do you love a cappella the way I do? Cantus. [See the guy in the cardigan with the plaid and the beard? He announces the second song. I find him totally attractive, in case you're looking for me.]
Adele is adorable.


I heard this group on a Lowes commercial [weird?] but this music is positive and happy and fun! This one is totally clean. (-:

American Authors


Anything new I should check out? 

love you people.


  1. Amy, I will come rap with you. yes.

    1. YES. when i rap i attempt to make faces and move my hands in "cool" ways. i'm not sure of how effective it actually is. (-: