March 26, 2013

a word or two

It's no secret I'm a lover of words.

I'm also a hoarder of quotes. Where do I hoard them? On pinterest, in a notebook that I neglect, and in Stickies.
Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.39.06 PM
This is a screen shot of my stickies with a list or two [I told you I love lists] and a recipe or three and a couple of blog posts [you can't write in Word and copy and paste into blogger, they hate each other] for good measure.

If anyone kidnaps my computer this is something I want back. OK? Notes and pictures and music and documents...well, don't steal my computer, please.

So, I'm making a goal to share one with you every once in awhile [I'd say every week, but we know how good I am at that *cough-etsy-cough*].
sir ken robinson.jpg

What ignites and excites you? 

love you people. 

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