October 27, 2010


Last Tuesday when I was in Fort Wayne, my friend Rach McF came and visited me. It was awesome because she drove up from the Indianapolis area just to see me. I'm special. ( :

We went and grabbed some dinner and then went for ice cream at Coldstone Creamery.

ice cream
lite cake batter ice cream+brownies+fudge+sprinkles=mmMMMMMMmmmm
(Lite because I'm a health nut, obviously.)
chocolate ice cream+nestle crunch+caramel=yummy
Rach McF.jpg

empty Coldstone

Rach McF.jpg
We made faces and talked about past, present and future life. We talked about boys/men. We talked about work. We talked about what we want to do with our lives. We talked about me potentially moving out and being able to do this on the regular. We laughed. 

Then Rach did this.
I'm not quite sure why. I will tell you what, I was laughing so hard and so loud that the people who were ordering and the employee went silent and stared at us. Then we started laughing even more. Feel free to really examine the picture, check out her teeth, the crazy eyes, then start laughing, it's good for you.
Back when I was in college and eating with groups of people in the cafeteria we would do things to attempt to gross each other out. I'm not going to give you details. However, this apparently has stuck with me because for some reason any time I get my picture taken while eating anything chocolate I squeeze it through my teeth. I should probably move past that. It's kinda juvenile.

And yet another reason why I am single. Because I am gross.


(Oh and I'm wearing the cardigan I embellished!)

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  1. mmm. Ice-cream. and friends. friends are awesome.