September 15, 2010

I'm one cheap girl.

Do you know about Anthropologie? It was recently introduced into my life since their stores are few and far between in the mid-West, now that I'm living out East-ish and I have friends who are addicted, I know Anthro.

How to describe this store? Well, you should definitely check out their website, but I would say they offer very unique, interesting, detailed, feminine, beautiful, fun clothing and accessories (for your home or body).

They are also rather pricey.

As in, the only thing this girl, who was raised on "It's not a sale unless it's at least 50% off!" would purchase is probably one knob for a dresser. If a dresser were to have one knob. I love their stuff. I would love to own one of everything (provided it fit). I just can't justify some of the prices in my current life situation.

Meaning I'm unwilling to part with more than $20 at a time. UNWILLING I say!

I saw this beautiful cardigan a few weeks ago:
It's gone now. Your time is up. No more Scribble Flower cardigans are available.

Have I ever told you about my true, passionate, intense, insane love of cardigans?

I love them.

I believe this particular cardigan was $98 when I first spied it. Over my cold, dead body would I ever be able to spend $98 on a cardigan. That's practically $100. That's like 1/10 of $1000. That's like a one-way plane ticket. That's like several massages. That's a lot of money for one portion of an outfit. At least for me it is.

So, I did what any reasonably crafty girl would do.
I attempted to make something similarly unique one for myself.

I started with a turquoise Old Navy cardigan. Purchased from the clearance section of their website when they were having take 30% off your entire order sales. (I told you I was thrifty.)
Yes, I am currently sleeping in hot, hawt pink sheets. I'm a girly-girl sleeping by herself in a king sized bed. I like my pink sheets.

Grey chiffon, 1/8 of a yard.

Embroidery floss, I bought two but I only needed one.

Seed beads.
They usually work better if you can keep them in the container rather than spilling them all over your floor. Yes, I spilled them. Twice. These babies are teeny-tiny too.

So, my process: I just kinda did it. I first drew some scribbled flower-ish shapes in my handy notebook and based on those sketches, I hand stitched random flowers over a small piece of the chiffon and then added beads. Aaaaaaannnnddd:

I only did three flowers, one large and two smaller on the left lapel area of the cardigan going just over the shoulder.
I'm not going to lie. I think it's pretty cute.

Let's do a cost analysis, I'll approximate by rounding up so we can work with roundish numbers:
Old Navy cardigan: $11.00
Chiffon: $0.75
Embroidery floss: $0.70
Beads: $2.50


I saved myself about $83. Granted the original was cuter (in my honest opinion), more colorful, more well made, BUT for a cardigan I will probably only wear one season, I'm willing to save the $83 for the cuteness factor.

And that's that.

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