October 27, 2010

For my Parents

Today, I signed up for health insurance.

You're welcome Mom, Dad and Grandpa Jim. The three people who have pestered me about my lack of health insurance since August 2008. Now you no longer have to worry about that one minor thing. You can worry about everything else! ( :

Oh, and I look pretty cute today.
Photo 80
(I'm trying to subtly take my own picture while in the coffee shop so people don't think I'm strange.)
(Please pronounce the word "Target" as "Tar-jay" for full amy-effect.)
dress: basic grey from Target 
cami: lacy green from Old Navy
leggings: black ankle length from Target
earrings: green iridescent shell from Spanish artisan
shoes: black flats from Target

I know you were interested in that information.

Something I thought was fascinating was the list of non-qualified professions to be insured. I don't even really think about people actually doing some of these jobs, but apparently people are doing them.
• Adult Entertainers/Dancers
• Air traffic controllers
• Armed Forces personnel
• Asbestos/toxic chemical workers
• Boxers and prize fighters
• Circus, carnival and amusement park performers/workers
• Commercial Fisherman/Crew going on overnight excursions
• Divers (professional skin or scuba and ocean rescue and recovery)
• Explosive workers
• Oil and natural gas workers both on-shore and off-shore operations
• Professional motor vehicle racers
• Professional athletes including but not limited to: ballet, baseball, basketball, football and wrestling
• Professional crop dusters
• Structural steel workers
• Stunt flyers/Stunt person
• Underground miners
• Unemployed due to disability

Some of them I think, really? is that dangerous? why no adult entertainers? is that a morality issue? adult entertainers have a propensity toward drug/alcohol use? what is it? Crop dusters? because they're working with chemicals? what about drug manufacturers? people who work in labs creating the chemicals the crop dusters are spreading?

I just think it's interesting, that's all.

OK, now I'm going to edit pictures for a real post, because this is not an interesting one.


  1. hmm, yes. very cute.

    and yeah. I'm glad I'm insured, but it is mostly because of school.