September 3, 2009


Reasons I know I'm overly sensitive (or starting my period soon):

1. Have you seen 16 and Pregnant on MTV? Normally, it's just some teenagers making bad choices and yadda, yadda, yadda, but last night they did a re-run of Catelynn and Tyler who decided on adoption rather than keeping their baby. OH-MYLANTA. These teenagers made the decision that their daughter could have a better life with another family because they weren't ready to give her the life she deserved at such a young age. They bawled. I bawled. Seriously. I'm getting a little verklempt just thinking about it.

2. This summer at work I received a call from an Admissions counselor who was calling because an incoming student had died the day before. His brother had called to make sure that he was dropped from enrollment and this admissions counselor was making all the phone calls. Oh man, this one got me. Can you imagine being that man? Calling to say that your younger, 18 year old brother had died the day before in a car accident? Sad.

3. Sometimes I get all teary while watching food network. Like last night when I was watching a cake challenge. They had just been working SO hard and you know that it had to be super stressful and I just had to shed a tear in empathy. We've all been there.

4. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS cry in validation circles. You know, when you go around the group telling each person what they mean to you and how they've impacted your life? Yup.
Validation + Me = Crying

5. I can't leave home without crying. It's my mother's fault.

6. I can't watch a wedding where both the bride and groom are on the edge of emotion because there's just so much joy in being together for the rest of their lives. My tears are both in happiness for them and jealousy for me. Just being honest.

7. Mr. Holland's Opus. EVERY TIME. EVERY TIME. The scene where he's picking up his stuff and everyone's in the auditorium for his final "concert" as a teacher with all the musicians from all the years? Yup that's the one that gets me.

8. When I get really angry. I can't help it. I hardly ever get really angry, but if I do, I will cry.

Basically, I'm a big, fat crybaby.

And Empathy is my #1 strength. Yes, I blame it on the empathy.

Don't judge me.

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