September 12, 2009


I'm baaaaack!

And feeling better. Almost perfect. Give me another semi-cough free night of sleep.

Do you enjoy a good photoshoot?

Any fans of America's Next Top Model?

Tyra fans?

Personally, I could live without Tyra...and probably ANTM, but ANTM is one of my guilty pleasures. Tyra on the other hand, KNOWS everything, has EXPERIENCED everything. You grew up poor-so did Tyra! You grew up with a single parent--so did Tyra! You were in an abusive relationship--so was Tyra! You grew up ostracized from your peers--so did Tyra! You know what it's like to be fat--so does Tyra! You have an eating disorder--Tyra used to too! You were homeschooled--so was Tyra! You grew up in the ghetto--so did Tyra! You had alcohol/drug problems--Trya has something she can relate to about that! you can see from my love of Tyra, I don't watch ANTM for her. I watch it for the models. And the drama. And Nigel.


You don't know Nigel?

Dreamy, right?

Back to modeling.

Megan has a passion for modeling.

I have a passion for making faces.

We both have a passion for being funny.

So we were at a bar listening to a band, when we were walking up this FANTASTIC staircase which would be a fabulous place to pose.

So we struck.

A pose.

or two.

Why are we still single?

Dear Universe,
Please send us two (normal, kind) men who want to date us.
Amy & Megan

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