September 27, 2009


Part of what I love about autumn is the crispness in the air. The chill that begins to take over the heat of summer; cool evenings.

It's not quite fall here yet. We're still having some 80 degree days and the weather is gorgeous (especially today!), but it's definitely not fall. I get all sweaty half the time if I decide to wear long sleeves.

Eventually the leaves will change: green will shift to shades of red, yellow, orange and brown.

I still have to wait for the leaves to change. But they will, soon.

Patience isn't always my strong suit.

For now, I will live my autumnal dreams through this bouquet of flowers Megan brought home from a dinner.

Did you know they call that second flower "Cock's Comb"? It's all velvety and very sturdy.

Doesn't that peach rose look like butter? Like BUTT-AH, I'm telling you.

I'm loooving the green hydrangea with the pink edges.

Hi fall, I missed you.


  1. oh, i am jealous of your camera: officially. I tried to photograph my flowers, and they just did not come out the way I'd like. But yeah, pretty flowers.

  2. Today was a really fall-y day and it was beautiful. I had my jacket on as we played outside and it was such a nice change from the scorching heat. All I could think about was how much I wanted some choffee!