September 22, 2009

Foot Manipulation

Megan and I went to see Cirque Dreams Illumination this past weekend. What? You've never heard of such a show? Well, it's the red-headed step child of Cirque du Soleil. That's why. (I say that, but you all know how I feel about the ginger-babies. Love.)

They had fantastic acts like cube aerialists, fashion illusionists, popper (this is a dancer), a percussion juggler (that's right, he juggled 9 balls while playing the DRUMS!!), strap flyer, paint can stacker, and perch balancers.

Be jealous.

A quick peek at some of those things:

Even with all those acts my personal favorite was the FOOT MANIPULATORS. That's right, foot manipulation. What do you think this is?

Did you guess this?

Yup. Foot Manipulation. Also known as Foot Juggling.

So our performance had these two brothers (tiny Argentinean men) and it wasn't nearly this elaborate.

During the performance Megan leans over to me and says, "We're doing that when we get home."

In response--uncontrollable giggles.

Megan and I are not exactly tiny women. We're more...ummm....pleasantly plump. I can't wait to practice my foot manipulation.

Attempt #1. (My face is insanely red from uncontrollable laughter.)

Is it better to face forward or backwards? Well, in this position, BACKWARDS. When facing forward, the only place to place one's feet is directly in the crotch. Classy.

So close...and yet...still lacking something.


Next week I will begin tossing Megan in the air.

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