April 29, 2014

over and out

The last time I had my big camera out was April 6, 2014. Remember when I was all "I'm going to be more creative! BLAH BLAH BLAH"? I haven't been very good at that. Someday I may pull that camera out [I should give her a name. Suggestions?] more frequently again and not just snap with my phone.

I'm in the last two weeks of my spring semester, and it's about to get cray y'all. That means all my time will be spent in the Medical Library [the place of tables and silence]. Please seek me out there and on Instagram, as I will be taking a facebook hiatus until May 9. I think I'll start that hiatus tomorrow since I don't actually want to take a hiatus. I spent Monday this week at the Med Library and my friend and I were getting dirty looks for whispering and giggling over this YouTube video. I should probably study by myself, but what's the fun in that?

Bea and Jessica texted me in the last couple of weeks to see if I could do pictures for them. Of course, it took me 5-12 days to respond to texts because I had to build a spreadsheet of all the things to do before the end of the semester.
My reply was basically: this weekend or not at all.
Their response: OK.

Sooooo...I took some pictures, spent some time procrastinating my school work by editing, and here I shall share three of my favorite images.
editDSC_0689.jpg editDSC_0689.jpg
Over and out, see you in May!

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