April 1, 2014

lady business

Hey friends! I've got lady business to talk about. If you're not comfortable hearing about vaginas, cervixes, uteruses, menstrual cycles, and gynecologists you should make yourself scarce and take this quiz...feel free to leave your results in the comments.

THE DIVA CUP. I'm obsessed, I talk about it with anyone who asks me for a tampon [probably annoying, but suck it], and I seriously love my diva cup. I blogged about it here, here, here, and here.

Random things that happen when you're in nursing school, people start asking you why things happen in their body. Within the past week a nursing school friend sent me this: Why do I poop more during my period? then three other friends asked me about period poops. You poop more during your period, don't you? [Hey prostaglandins!] I certainly do.

I suck at this, but go see your lady-doctor [or advance practice nurse]. Sidenote: that link is to one of my favorite blogs right now. Roo is hilarious. If you don't want to read about the previous link [that probably means you should], but you should read her Friday This is How I Feel posts full of GIFs. [did you know gif is pronounced JIF? dumb.]

OK, this last thing isn't lady business. I went to see Divergent this week. I've been working really hard at not objectifying men, and as soon as Theo James came on the screen all that was out the door. You guys, this is wrong. My ovaries just took over my body and were all, "reproduce! reproduce! reproduce!" Nooooo, ovaries, we don't look at men that way. We don't silently cheer when they take off their shirt. We don't look at those trouty-lips lustfully. NO.

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