April 7, 2014

this week's mani

I'm feeling rebellious, so I totally painted my nails today [against nursing school rules---oooOOOOooooo] and I'm going to share them with you:
cat nails2.jpg
I've been getting more pins from people and this was sent to me by my friend Jess from McPherson! >^.^<
cat nails2.jpg
It's the second cat nail I've done, with the first being the totally adorable kitties and polkadots. I then did a mediocre tutorial [not doing that again] and apparently I think cats and plaid go together.
cat nails2.jpg
The tutorial for these babies is on PackAPunchPolish. I used OPI Dulce de Leche [one of my FAVORITE go-to colors] as my base coat and then just black and white striper polishes for the lines. To do the triangle for the nose [let's use the word "triangle" loosely, there are zero straight lines involved] I grabbed a pink polish and a toothpick. I think you could totally do this with a sharpie if you don't feel steady with polish!

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