March 20, 2014

ten things

1. I'm totally listening to Jon McLaughlin and coloring my hair.
2. The clock on my computer says it's 12:31 AM, but it's only 11:31 PM in Kansas.
3. Today I got a massage and realized my massage pet peeve: when people don't listen to the client. PET PEEVE.
4. I was on Facetime for about an hour and forty-five minutes today with 10 women I love. It was so good to see their faces, but also sad because I wasn't there and we were saying goodbye to our regular time together.
5. Speaking of sad, I'm about to rip my heart out by finishing The Fault in Our Stars. Please check back later to see how it went.
6. Spring break should be spent in warm places and I am not in a warm place. Boo.
7. I so needed this week though, warm or cold.
8. I have 21 (TWENTY-ONE) started drafts of random posts. Some are the same thing I wrote twice and didn't actually like either time, but I'm not ready to give up on the content. I should take care of some of that.
9. I took a quiz on Buzzfeed and I'm Abegnation. I always want to be something badass and tough, but let's be real. I'm a gentle spirit. Are you totally excited about Divergent? [I am.]
10. I've recently been sucked into the YouTube abyss. I don't watch TV, but I can spent many minutes [hours?] watching video after video after video after video on YouTube. Who're some of your favorite YouTubers? is that a thing...youtubers?

Goodnight, friends. My new haircolor will be on IG.



  1. I read "The Fault in Our Stars" in one day... in 6 hours. I have no shame.
    I am totally with you on youtube. I love vlogbrothers (or course) and all of their variations (SciShow and Mental floss) and Hannah Hart (myharto). Ooh the Piano Guys. Alex Goot and all of those other whipper snappers making Covers of fun songs. And.... I don't want to love Tyler Oakley, but I DO.
    Love, Haley :)

    1. "The Fault in Our Stars" gaaaaaaah.

      I haven't gotten into vlogbrothers (I've seen one or two, but I'm not hooked...yet). I'm going to have to look up all those others people I just heard about Tyler Oakley on a Superfruit video the other day! whaaaaa! (-: