March 3, 2014

survey [the last two columns]

OK, my reply to all the "Amy, I know that you're going to do what you want, but if I had my way I want to know more about..." and "Additional comments/anecdotes/links:" from the survey. I took everyone's name out, I know some of you don't care, some of you do care, and some of this is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Luckily, I can guess who some of you are *eyebrow wag* and I'm going to do my best to use your initials and the state you're from. [if I'm wrong, I apologize over and over and over and over and over again.]

I just want to know if I was the first one to finish the survey. Also, I don't call myself Capt. Awesome, but I couldn't leave it blank :) Love you! -Love you too, MV from KS! You were the second one to finish, right near the front! (-;

Miss you and hope you're doing well! -Thanks, B(A)D from MI, I miss singing with you!

Your cookie recipes. I love your blog. :) -This is a guess, but I think this is LF or KH from KS. Maybe? gaaaaaah, so hard to guess! I need to bake more!

movie/book reviews! complaints.
i think you should start online dating and blog about new dates every month!
I love you! - I don't know if I'm organized enough to do any movie or book reviews, if something comes up [besides a boring textbook] I'll try to write about it! I will complain as much as I can, but I'm gonna need a nice balance of positivity as well. (-:
Online dating is awkward, and I would love to read a blog that someone writes about the dates she/he goes on [especially the online dates because we all know there are some weird ones], but there's no way that's coming from these fingertips. I don't think it's fair to go into a date knowing I might blog about it. Unless it's something totally crazy then I'll post a quick story on the fb wall, deal? I love you too, EM from CA!

everything! I loved your "Birth" post on January 22. Talking about babies and vaginas and such with blatant openness and honesty is an excellent way to be. And you do it wonderfully!
I would also love to know how to fly through crazy long homework assignments without it -actually- taking forever and me wanting to chug a bottle of wine afterward. Yeah. - Thank you! I love birth too, I am incredibly honored to feel led to that field AND that women would want me with them. I'm sure I'll be talking a lot more about vaginas, cervixes, sex, and testicles as I'm newly fixated on testicular cancer self-screening. I would love to learn how to fly through all the homework without needing a nightly brownie [those are my coping goods of choice].  Good luck to us, right? I'm pretty sure this is SJ or EW from IN, but I'm not 100%, so sorry if it's not. (-:

I love you and miss you! -I think this is JS from KS! Love you too, can't wait to hear how your story keeps unfolding with C! Or maybe it's L(W)K from KS? shoot, I had such high thoughts of myself before I started guessing...

Catheters, cooking, music, and musical theater -I love all those things, so I'm sure you'll get to hear more about them! I still haven't gotten to put a catheter in, but I did get to do my first removals this semester! [Removal is much less intimidating than insertion.] I'm sorry, my super sleuthing skills aren't working and I have no idea who wrote this, but thanks for reading! (-:

The goings on in med class. Kansas photos. Which book you're reading. How to get rid of hangnails. When are you cooking again.
Is there a Sassy Ms. Lassy column in your future? -I will write about and photograph all those things! The only books I've been reading are textbooks, they're not a lot of fun. I've been posting lots of old cooking posts from the other blog and I have a couple new ones in mind. It's harder to cook and set up the whole photo spread when I'm not in my personal space. BUT, I'm still more grateful to have a place to live than I am frustrated at not being able to set up pictures!
If anyone is hiring a sassy-pants [or a smartass], I'll be the first to apply! (-:  I think this might be LB from IN[soon to be CA!], miss you!

I like the "little bit of everything/whatever strikes your fancy" approach you use!!! You're the bees-knees!!! -You're the bees-knees, mystery person from IL! Sometimes I feel a leeeeetle chaotic, but it's nice to know it's at least entertaining! haha!

Nail designs, recipes and crafts -We are speaking the same language, person from IN! I wish I had more weeks where I was allowed to have nail polish on!

I don't know if you ever get my comments I try to leave on your blog. I hit 'post' or whatever the go button is and then my comment disappears. So frustrating! -Oh, that makes me sad! I've been there before on the writing end and it is so frustrating. Well, with the fb page maybe you can comment there? I think this is HH from IN, but I'm not sure. xo

Anything you want to babble about
I miss working with you -Oh, you all have no idea the can of worms you're opening up by encouraging me to babble! ha! I think this might be RH from IN, but I'm not 100%. Gosh, this is harder than I thought to identify people! 

Hank and his new farm life. >^.^< (meow.) -Oh my, are you my first stranger-reader? If yes, I.AM.SO.HONORED. [not even joking] I just learned to make the cat emoticon thing too, and I have a slight problem with overuse. Hank's story makes me sad. )': He ran away from the farm, I'm trying not to blame my parents since they feel really bad. I haven't really talked about it because I'm still hopeful for a Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey kind of ending. Wow. I really haven't thought about it lately, I'm a little verklempt.

Nursing school! -Hi Secret Silent Lurker! I'm going to post a response to all the nursing school requests at the end since lots of people have asked! (-;

what you;re doing in school! tell me all the gross things you see.
i can't believe you're still blogging. -Nursing school at the very end! I can't believe it either, MG from NC! I've lived here on the internet longer than I've physically lived anywhere since I turned 18! HOLY COW! 

Your craziest adventures
I love you! Please make more surveys/quizzes! -I am DYING for an adventure! We'll have to settle for mini-adventures, like a story from when I stop at a truck stop on my way to KS for spring break. That could be interesting, right? I love you too, AK from MO soon to be LA [wooo, grad school!!] I will make more of these, this is fun! xo

I guess just learn more about you. I've only talked to you in person once, but walked away thinking you were pretty awesome. :)
By the way, this is  _____. Felt like you should know who was responding. And I wouldn't say I'm a beer expert, like I indicated in my response... but I'm also not an "Eh, it's alright" beer drinker. I'm in between. Because that's important for you to know. ;) -Hi, MM from IN! I felt the same way after we met! I know our paths are going to cross more, so I'm super excited for the future! Thanks for the beer clarification, I literally know nothing about beer [I could tell you a wheat is light and there are dark ones but I can't remember what they're called] so any knowledge you have is considered expertise in my book! (-:

Your crafty endeavors... not that you don't already share about them. -I feel like I don't share about these! The hard part sometimes is the time commitment to both doing a craft AND taking pictures of the process AND writing the tutorial...even if I could post afters I'd be happy because it would mean that I'm doing something crafty! Once again, not sure who this is, but thanks for reading! xo

I have no additional comments, but your survey made me very pleased! :) Yay, I'm so glad. It was fun for me too, church person who I should probably be able to guess who lives in NC!

Your journey. It sounds interesting, yet I feel I have only scratched the surface.
Validation is needed on a lot of your questions. Especially about Will Ferrell. I like him in most things, but he is not my cup of tea in the broad sense. It does go beyond Elf though. -You're right! I think I might be at a place personally where I'm ready to delve a little deeper, it's pretty scary business airing your laundry on the internet!
Haha, how long do you want these questions to be!? You love Will Ferrell, just say it. I won't judge you because apparently a lot people [who aren't me] like him. I'll take him in Elf and the cowbell sketch from SNL. Sorry I'm not sure who you are, but thank you for reading! (-: 

Cooking recipes, stuff you are learning in school/funny school stories -YES to all of those things. It's on like donkey kong, I think maybe MB from DC? xo

I love every post! Thank you for brightening my day. PS - I got to first assist on on a c section last week. It was very cool! -AHHH! I'm so jealous! I got to watch my first surgeries last week, but they were all man-part surgeries. Interesting, but not my thing. I'm so glad we're still friends, AD from OH! xo

To address all the nursing school story requests: With school it's hard because we have a lot of confidentiality bases to cover, so I can write about what I'm learning, silly things I've done, but nothing that could tell you where I'm working or anything specific about a patient. They're pretty serious about HIPPA and I definitely do not want to get kicked out! My plan is to write some stories which are free of identifiers, hold on to them for a few days/weeks to increase the distance between me and my stories, and then-finally-share them with you.

Oh, how I love each and every one of you! Thank you so much for reading and encouraging me and all your kind words! Blogging is something I do because I love it and I'm glad you get a little joy out of it as well! 


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