March 9, 2014


The last two weeks have been...rough.

My homework has piled up, exams kicked my butt, my eyes just kept leaking fluids for hours on end, I don't even know what I missed.

Because I definitely missed something since I was feeling sorry for myself.

If you're thinking about being a nurse and you think it's going to be easy, let me take this moment to say: You need a reality check. I'm not even completely sure that I've gotten to the hard part yet, and it's flippin' hard.

And then I Debbie Downer'd all over this post.

In an attempt to have non-school news, I shall now show you random crap from my phone.

My nails looked like this last week:
You may notice my church-league volleyball injury. I'm hardcore.

I went for a run/walk [wooo!] and my hair looked like this:
It's disgustingly dirty bedhead.

I'm in the process for ranking photos from several printing places, so I'm asking people I see for opinions [that's your hint that I may ask you to participate in the world's worst party game]:
The results will be blogged about. (-:

I also debated whether or not I could wear these leggings as pants:
Do two layers of leggings make it better? My shirt didn't cover my bum, so I went with no I was not wearing pants.
You're welcome, world.

Here's to a good week! 

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