February 10, 2014

this week's mani

I had a weekend without a clinical day, so I could paint my nails! I know you're giving me a fist pump right now because you're just as excited about this as I am. (-;

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan. Any holiday that feels like it's more about consumerism than actually loving or honoring another person is not my favorite. I'm awfully picky.

However, I completely, unashamedly LOVE hearts and glitter. If nothing else, I will glitter and heart the crap out of everything because I want to. Including my nails:
Untitled Untitled

Old posts with Valentine themes:
-If you'd like to reminisce about last year's Valentine cards I created, feel free. It's one of my favorite posts.
-Valentine nails from 2012?
-The love affair between chocolate and peanut butter from 2011 [with really yellow photos].
-The cookies we used to become friends with our neighbors in 2010. [Spoiler alert: one of my wifeys ended up marrying one of the neighbors!]


  1. I think you need to make the chocolate and peanut butter thing and bring it to my house and watch dirty dancing on the projector after the young one, hubby, and p-rents go to sleep! I know you are coming home for spring break we just need to make it a date! JS

    1. I am coming to KS! mmmmm....chocolate and peanut butter, you know the way to persuade me! (-: