February 20, 2014

a list with a hefty dose of confessions

  • School:
    • My motivation this week has been low. Like, I-want-to-watch-the-Olympics-and-stare-at-Pinterest-and-Buzzfeed-all-night-when-I-have-a-patient-summary-that-will-take-me-at-least-6-hours-to-write kind of low. 
      • What's up fellow procrastinators? 
    • I recently discovered the medical library. It's filled with tables and silence. I love it. Things I've learned about the individuals who spend time here [not actual statistics]:
      • Most of the people aren't white. I'm not sure what this means because most of the physicians I see are still white men...maybe that's just where I am? 
      • People make shifty eye contact. Weirdos. 
      • When I see the residents from my floor this semester, I ignore them the way they ignore me on the floor. OK, so they probably don't even see me [I'm like a nursing ninja], but still.
      • Everyone wears their name tag. Always. This is the only place I've seen that. 
    • Yesterday in a mentoring session our mentor talked about C.diff and it reminded me of when someone I know [my mom] had C.diff and I volunteered to be her fecal transplant so I could blog about it. Unfortunately, we won't get to share that experience...at least for now since it cleared up. 
    • Things that I purchase impractically:
      • formal dresses - why do I need them? I don't. why do I want them? THEY'RE SO PRETTY! 
      • glitter shoes - I am always, always, always, always, ALWAYS sucked in by the glitter shoes. Zulily has TOMS right now and of course I immediately went for these gems (multicolor glitter!). 
    • I have joined the ranks of children under age 8 with my love for Let it Go. Is there anything better than Idina Menzel belting out that chorus? 
        • I don't understand why there isn't more complete Olympic coverage. During the summer games it's on ALL THE TIME. Why did Ellen have to change hours for Olympic programming when NBC still shows soap operas and Dr. Phil? 
        • I may have become a total creeper when it comes to Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Of course I watched them skate their way to gold. Then I checked out their Twitter...and Instagram...and old interviews...and new interviews...and general stories. 
      • Don't worry, it's not my first time celebrity stalking. Last week I lost about 90 minutes of my life YouTubing Sara Bareilles and J.Law. In my mind they're my friends. 
        • That last sentence is disturbing in so many ways. 
      • My mom and I have the same spring break and I want to take a 2-3 day trip to water and warmth. Texas beach? A lake somewhere between central Kansas and Texas? I don't want to be around other people, so no actual spring break locations. Recommendations? 

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