February 26, 2014

GYST - 2. Exercise

This is part of my 2014 non-resolution-resolution to Get Your (my) Shit Together
I think I should probably call it my "Life Plan," but the 12-months of 2014 
seems more manageable than say, oh, the next 50 years.

  1. 1.
    activity requiring physical effort, carried out esp. to sustain or improve health and fitness.


Yeah. That physical effort thing.

To be perfectly honest, I heart exercise. I love to be sweaty. I love moving. I love feeling strong. I love feeling able. I just like it.

All those happy thoughts said, exercise is the first thing I dismiss off my list when I'm busy. WHYYYYY???
I think I ignore my need to move because it's easy. It's easy to say, "I don't need to change clothes if I watch a movie." Or, "I did just do ______ last Saturday." Or, "school is more important" rather than remembering that I'll be able to focus better, study harder, and sleep well if I exercise.

The sleep. Ahhhhh. When I'm getting my proper physical exertion on, my sleep is amazing. You know what I mean? I'm all sore and achy and when I fall into bed my mind is off and I'm out for 7 hours and 45 minutes. BOOM.

Apparently I'm using this post to convince myself to get down to business. [You may be thinking, "Amy, wasn't that the point?" You would be correct Friends.]
Last Fall I was on a long drive, contemplating my navel life and I came to the realization: I like running.


No, really, WHUT? So, so, sooooo much of my history has been: "I HATE TO RUN." "RUNNING SUCKS." "I RUN BECAUSE MY COACH MAKES ME." "I WILL ONLY RUN [AS AN ADULT] IF SOMEONE IS CHASING ME AND THEY'LL PROBABLY CATCH ME BECAUSE I'M SLOW." When I started running a couple of years ago, I dreaded it. You know what part I hate about running? The getting into shape part. Weird. [not actually weird] You know the time when you struggle and you feel like you cannot get enough oxygen and every person who passes you is probably wondering if you're going to collapse? Yeah, that part.

But the burn of the throat, the ache of the legs, the sheer mental will-power is TOTALLY WORTH IT. You know why? Because I can do it. I can appreciate that my body has the ability to move. I can put one foot in front of the other. I can breathe hard and not die. I can be strong. I can get this shit done. Not to mention the actual being in better shape part ---- oh.so.good.

Who cares if my thighs rub together and my boobs bounce and my form is kinda sucky?

Not this woman.

The next step after this is doing some kind of muscle building thing. Lifting has no appeal. Do body-weight calisthenics have the same benefits as weight lifting? What do you like? 


  1. I like yoga. It tones and relaxes. Do you run outside or inside during the cold winter months?

    1. Jody - do you take yoga in a class or use a web/dvd series? I'm always interested in what people like. I've taken restorative yoga classes (LOVE THEM), but that's mostly stretching/opening and less strength based.

      I haven't run in so long, I couldn't even tell you. I like being outside, but if there's a hint of ice then I'm terrified I will fall (then my mind goes to this weird place where I've ended up bankrupt because of medical bills). this year was the first year with SO MUCH FREAKING SNOW AND ICE that I couldn't really do much of anything outside. I didn't have a back-up plan. :-/ the first year when I started running, I did probably equal parts in/out. that doesn't really answer your question, but I will always prefer outside. (-: