February 12, 2014

a list with hashtags #becauseican

1. I purchased a can of terrible coffee for less than $4 at the grocery store. I regret it more with every sip and yet, I keep going. #wastenotwantnot #justspilleditonmyshirt #classy

2. This song:

I can listen to 2:45-3:21 on repeat. #goaheadandrepeatit #musicgivesmeunrealisticexpectationsofromanticlove #acapellaforlyfe

3. Speaking of unrealistic expectations of love...

[if you click on the pictures they'll take you to Pinterest, not the real source, but I'm lazy.]

4. Have you watched Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmell? #thatlinktakesyoutoallofthem #youarewelcome

5. I love all your responses on the MN365 Survey and I'll leave it open until Friday. #doeeeeeet #only12questionsifyouhavenottakenit #anonymousunlessyoutellme 

6. I NEED AN ADVENTURE. I'm having seriously, crazy, intense, strong desire to do something. It's hard to keep it in check because this is when I usually end up: a. changing jobs, b. moving, c. generally being impulsive [I just looked at jobs in Vermont for America's Test Kitchen. #random] Anyone have a good suggestion? #winterfever

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