September 1, 2012


[Did you get my math joke? Did ya? Did ya?]

I make impulsive decisions.

I was driving up to the lake yesterday and I thought "I think I'm going to go a month without any of the extra-special stuff on my phone."

So I am.
Starting this morning. I logged out of all my favorite apps and moved things away from my homescreen. KEEP TEMPTATION AT BAY! 
Untitled Untitled
For the month of September...all THIRTY DAYS:
Only talking and texting. 
No facebook
No instagram
No pinterest
No ecards. 
No RSS reader. 
No safari.
No email.
No nothin' special. 

I may use Google Maps if the need arises. 

I'll also probably use the camera, you never know when a moment needs to be documented! 

Why would I do such a thing?!?! Because it was a 30x30 goal to go a month without my phone, but that was poorly received so I'm modifying.'s my number, call me maybe



  1. You're a better person than I am. I couldn't do it...although I really only use Facebook when I'm in the car...and Instagram sometimes...but still! At least you're still texting :)
    Also, I love Call Me Maybe...I think I'm the only person in America who still loves that song.

    1. I feel like I spend SO MUCH TIME being a slave to my phone and all the TOTALLY AWESOME things it can do. I don't actually WANT to be a slave to an electronic device. Not my idea of a good life. Therefore, I will try to break myself of my initial impulse to pull out my phone every 30 seconds of the day. (-:

      I love that song. So cute. So catchy.

  2. I LOVE that your bible is in your "utilities." I'm just saying is all.

    I wonder if I would like to do that on my phone... make the primary home screen so much cleaner. even though I don't have a awesome pic of an acorn like that.

    1. (-:
      I need easy access, if you look at my list [and you don't need to] becoming more proficient in my biblical knowledge is on when people make reference or I see something on pinterest or on a blog or in other random places, I have to find it FAST!

      also, I like that with the app I can look a verse or chapter in several variations.

      you could totally take a picture of something pretty for your background. instagram filters make me look waaaaay better than I am. ha!