August 30, 2012

I'm a dork [giveaway winner]

One time I ordered these awesome sunglasses to giveaway to one of my awesome internet friends and it was going to be totally awesome.
Then I asked my cousin to put the sunglasses on. I wanted to take a picture of them on a different face [even though my cousin's and my face are pretty much the same] so I did. She said, "these seem strange." Then I asked her sister [also my cousin if you're following all this] to try them on "Amy, are you sure these aren't prescription??"

Then I tried them on.

"I can see! My eyes are healed! I am no longer impaired by the the daily ailment of near-sighted vision! Yup, totally prescription."

Why yes, I did consider just passing them along and playing dumb for approximately 2.47 seconds. Then I reconsidered.

The totally cute, amazing, awesome sunglasses are now rendered useless for anyone except me. So I'll be keeping those.

I did order a spare pair because I felt the teensy-tiny [read: HUGE] bit guilty [and dumb, I did put them on several times] for claiming that I was going to give something away that no one besides me [unless you have a prescription of -2.50 for your right eye and -2.00 for your left eye] would ever want.

Now, I'm just waiting for them to come in and then I'll be sending them to...
Which happens to be Emily! Get ready for some snail mail Emmy T! Woot-woot!

Does anyone share a prescription with me? Are we eyeball twinsies? *pleasesayyes*

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