September 22, 2012

you will probably not be surprised

On Sunday, I woke up.
I went out.
I made a quiche.
I visited friends.
We ate pizza.
We chatted and laughed.
I went home.
My head then hurt like...whoah.

Then it occurred to me: I had not had any caffeine on Sunday. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Hi, my name is amy and I'm addicted to caffeine or I get a massive headache that no amount of peppermint oil [my usual headache insta-cure] will touch.

You're not surprised are you?
Why was I?

Recently, I splurged and got a tall, non-fat pumpkin spice latte.

It was delicious.

And sweet. Oh, so sweet.

Too sweet actually. I didn't love it.

WHO AM I?!?! Pumpkin spice lattes have always been my jam.

I love the spices, the pumpkinyness, the sweetness, the creamy tastes of fall in my mouth.

Apparently, my pallet has changed. I've become a hard-core coffee girl. I like it dark. I like it slightly sweet. I like cream [but only if real half-and-half or milk is available--none of that powdered creamer crap]. I like it hot. I like it cold. I just like java.

So, after considering my budget and my love for French pressed coffee [if you don't French press you should] I made my own spicy, fall coffee beverage. Here's how I roll:

My French press is small, it's this one from Amazon and is perfect for about 2 mugs of coffee.
My water kettle is from Salvation Army: $3.58.
I love that it's green.

I measure the coffee, but I don't measure the spices. I like one scoop of grounds to 4 oz of water.
A sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Water in. Steep for 4 minutes. Press. Pour in mug which has sweetener and milk.
Drink. Savor. Fall in love with the spicy parts of fall.


Hank hates that I'm in school.
I know because he has been the ultimate attention whore.
Untitled Untitled
Why aren't you paying attention to meeeeeee???


Someday I'm going to take pictures with my big-girl camera. And then I'm going to actually upload them onto my computer. And THEN I'm going to use them in a blog post.



love you people.

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