September 4, 2012

this week's mani

I'm avoiding right now.

What am I avoiding?


Or more specifically how to figure out what the "homework" is for said statistics class. Has anyone taken an online class? I feel like this should be laid out in the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE since we're getting everything online, but noooooooo: I can't figure out the homework.


It's things like this that make people convinced that they aren't smart when really it's unclear communication. I despise bad communication.

Also, blackboard was new when I was in college. That was a year or 7 ago and now it's different and another means of confusing communication.


Yes, I'm whiny. I told you I was avoiding maths. The truth is that I love math with all my little, tiny heart.
I love things that are concrete.
I love right answers.
And I had a torrid love affair in high school with augmented matrixes. Yeah, I said it. Me and augmented matrixes sitting in a tree, solving for x,y, and z.


You know how people get in trouble for texting in class? Well when I was in HS texting didn't exist--it was the 90s and early 00s. But people got in trouble for playing games on their graphing calculators [how cool is that?!?!]. On MY graphing calculator I would create my augmented matrix and then spend my time solving it. Then I would get in trouble for "playing" on my graphing calculator. I was so cool.

My nails look like this:
Untitled Untitled
Inspired by this pinterest pin.

How do you feel about math? Have you taken an online class? How did it go? 

**I thought you may like to know that I figured out how to do my homework. It cost me $85.50. Booo. 


  1. Well I have failed Intermediate Algebra twice by taking it online. GO ME! But I have serious math issues and we have never had a torrid love affair. I have no idea what an augmented matrix is.

    1. Obviously an augmented matrix is awesome.


      Maths aren't for everyone. You can spend all day with 12 three-year-olds. That makes me want to take a nap and never wake up. We have different gifts.