September 15, 2012

Phone Pics

alternate title: Things I Would Instagram in September the month without IG.

It's Saturday night. I'm at my usual place in my usual spot. I definitely saw an employee open the door on a customer tonight. People of the world, why wouldn't you lock the door to the one-holer bathroom? Why? Why? WHYYYYYY? It always reminds me of that awkward time I did the same to the man at the random rest stop in Ohio. I'm never using the bathroom in OH again.**

Pictures from the week:
Untitled Untitled
I painted my nails...twice.

This is the bridge I walk across to get to my class.

My life. Yes, I just started collecting stars. Yes, I should be a gold-card member months ago. I've always had a cash-only rule with coffee.

Text books have a way of making me feel really good about myself...

Megan recommended this to me, so I'm going to try it out.

This is my Becky. Do you know where your Becky is?

Hanklin and I took a nap today, it was awesome.

I'm feeling better. Thanks for all your love.


**I am aware that at some point I will most likely have to use the bathroom and will inevitably be in Ohio and I will use it.

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