September 13, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I'm going to talk about girly things--sorry men and my brother--and I'm going to use my favorite curse word. Probably repeatedly.

I just went home to get a cardigan before I went to Starbucks where it is usually cold. 

Then I left without my cardigan.
Not turning around now because they close at 10 and I have to study and I have things I want to say to the world that revolves around me.<---This is the world of blog. Sorry. I don't really want or need it to revolve around me but sometimes it's going to. That time is now.

This has been my week:
  • Last weekend was amazeballs. Like, for reals. I don't even want to tell you about it because if I talk about it it may disappear or not be quite as awesome in my words as it was in real life. Let's just say it involved some of my favorite people, laughter, a slumber party, sharing, laughing, loving. Then I realized that between classes and moving to Indy next year my relationship with these women was going to change and then I had a headache for the rest of the day because of crying. 
  • I had a quiz on Monday. My studying was limited due to weekend festivities [don't regret one bit] and the headache. My performance was shite. [Do we feel better about shit or shite?]
  • My body has been all out of whack for awhile now. Giving too much bodywork, not receiving enough. Or really...any. Needless to say this week [hooray shitty week!] every muscle decided to be sore. Not sore enough to really warrant anything major, but sore like I'm coming down with the flu. [I'm not coming down with the flu, I promise.]
  • Part of the out of whack stuff is that I'm not sleeping well. Stress and me makes for bad sleep. 
  • I had an exam for my math class. I hate online classes. Officially. 
  • Then I started my period. [At least I had my diva cup!]
  • Then I rushed to work to get to a 2:00 massage. Except the 2:00 massage started at 3:00, so I was early, but I'd crammed food into my body [yummy, healthy food but I hate being rushed] and then had the up down feelings of prep and wait. 
  • Oh and I broke the massage table in my room at work.
  • Then I ate half a pan of sugar in the form of these. SO bad. SO good. So bad....I'm not eating my feelings. I'm eating sugar shit. 
  • Then I went to Starbucks where it's chilly and I don't have a cardigan to study for the second exam I have this week. 
  • And next Tuesday I will have another exam. Did I mention that I'm only taking TWO classes? Why so much in the span of 10 days? and the quiz and two of the exams are in THE SAME CLASS/LAB. Did you make this schedule? Do you hate learning? Yes I have anger in my heart right now.
  • I will say this: my boobs look good. If I'm vain about anything in my physical appearance it's definitely my boobs. 
My plan:
  • Pray about it. If Jesus can't help me, who can?
  • Make a schedule. Live by the schedule.
  • Include free and fun time in said schedule.
  • Include time to blog in schedule. 
  • Sleep. It's important. Especially for you grouchy-butt. [The you here is me, I'm talking to myself.]
  • Build a budget. Live by the budget. 
  • CLEAN YOUR APARTMENT. LIVE IN CLEAN APARTMENT. Did I mention that I decided this week to rearrange my apartment? I thought my outer chaos needed to reflect the inner.
  • Get massages. I have 3 scheduled between now and Sept. 25. I need to get my body back to at least 80% rather than the 12.5% I've been feeling. 
    • Dear anterior neck muscles, please cooperate. Love, amy 
  • Boobs: keep it classy. 
Basically, I am a 4-year-old who needs intense structure to be functional. And to be kind to others. Today I noticed that I didn't even want to be nice, so thought I probably needed to institute some change.

Thank you, lovelies, for letting the world revolve around me for a few minutes. 

I forgot to mention the herpe. I got one of those this week too.


  1. You said the shite word a lot. This is usually an indicator to me, your Auntie, that your week has gone to crap. I'm so sorry. Please come over and let me feed you. That is all.

  2. Dear Amy. This week HAS sucked. I even got thrown up on. Boo for long SHITTY weeks. I love you. Let us run away and never come back.

    1. love you too!

      let's marry wealthy men who will let us spend quality time lounging on a beach at a private island.

    2. Sounds like a great life plan to me.

  3. I think it was the week....mine was also a bit ridonkulous. Love you!

    1. the cray-cray week is over, let's hope the next is better for both of us!