April 9, 2011

Product Testing, SOS

Sorry to the men who read this nonsense, but this might be a little much for you.

I'm giving you the warning now. This is girly stuff...detailed, graphic [OK, maybe not so graphic], but definitely detailed girly stuff. Use your imagination, you're probably right, that's what I'm talking about. I'll always use a page break so you'll be properly warned because there will still be other fun stuff happening up in this joint too. 

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That was your warning.

Don't click the link below.

Welcome women.

Did you read Part 1?
Did you read Part 2


I think it's in right. I ran my finger around it. 

It's not super open...I mean, it's more of an ellipse than a circle. And a narrow ellipse at that. Does that mean it's too big for me? Is that why it's leaking? 

Am I doing something wrong? 

Sorry if I'm grossing you out. I need to know these things.  

UPDATE: I think I may have figured it out...after a long conversation with Kathy and re-reading the instructions it's all about a full turn---which I'd been trying unsuccessfully. However, apparently if you can't turn internally you can put it in half-way, turn and put it in the rest of the way. GREAT SUCCESS. 

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