April 6, 2011

Product Testing

Sorry to the men who read this nonsense, but this might be a little much for you.

I'm giving you the warning now. I'm starting a series all about girly stuff...detailed, graphic [OK, maybe not so graphic], but definitely detailed girly stuff. Use your imagination, you're probably right, that's what I'm talking about. I'll always use a page break so you'll be properly warned because there will still be other fun stuff happening up in this joint too.
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That was your warning.

Don't click the link below.

Welcome women.

It's time to talk about our period.
Or my period.

I'm talking about The DivaCup. It's been reviewed before. I've heard about it from friends. I've debated for about six months on making the investment to try it out.

Here it is!
I ordered mine from Amazon. [2014 update: on Super Supplements it's about $24 (10% off right now using the code ADDTEN, shipping is $4.99 unless you spend $49 or more)] You can also pick it up at WholeFoods for around $40-45 [that's $15 of instant gratification] or check out your local health food store to see if they have it in stock or could order it for you. [2014 update: if you're balking at the price, I'm just going to tell you that I've used mine for 3 years-THREE YEARS!-with sanitizing it after every menstrual cycle and it's in great shape.]

As you can see from the box, it's award winning.
Now, your question might be the same as mine...what award? The menstrual cup awards? Nah, the Alive awards for Best Women's Product.  The "award winning" label wasn't what sold me on The DivaCup. I primarily chose it because of price, reviews and that I knew people who use it--and like it.

Let's open the box.
What's all this stuff?
Admit it, you'd purchase this for the lapel pin.
If you really want a lapel pin, I'll send you mine. First come, first serve.
No fighting!

One of the big reasons I wanted to try out a reusable menstrual cup was because of all the waste of tampons and pads. I primarily am [was?] a tampon user, but when I sit and thing about shoving a wad of expanding cotton up my hoo-ha it doesn't actually make sense that it could be good for me. I mean, tampons are supposedly "flushable." When your father is also your plumber and he says, "Don't flush the tampons because when I'm clearing out the backed up sewage line they're just sitting in there all smelly." [Is there any part of sewage that isn't smelly? Is it awkward that I have had this conversation with my father? Not really.] I'm thinking, OK, so these babies aren't exactly breaking down in the water,  you know? So what are they doing? Just floating around? Ew.

The introduction of something unnatural that's absorbing my bodily fluids, not so awesome. Easy, yes. Cheap, no. Also, with tampons, I'm one of those people who can feel it the ENTIRE TIME IT'S IN MY BODY. This is not so comfortable. I'm hoping The DivaCup is at least slightly better at this.

It maybe be gross, but I'm intrigued by what's going to be coming out of my body. I can leave The DivaCup in for up to 12 hours and there's got to be lots of shedding of my uterine lining. What's it look like? [Don't worry, there won't be pictures.] The DivaCup has markings on it to see the quantity as well.

What about you? Do you use The DivaCup? Do you use something else?

I'm a little nervous about the whole insertion and removal process, but I'll let you know how it goes in the next few days!

Also, I'm not joking about doing some girly-stuff posts. Of course, I can only write about what I know, do you have suggestions or would you like to write a guest post? I'd love that!


  1. I have been using a diva cup for five years. I love it. I won't go back to tampons. BE patient... it takes a couple cycles to get really used to inserting it and stuff. (try putting it in while in the shower...)

    and, I lost my first lapel pin. I want yours, to show how many I go through. (if you really are giving it away. you might want to keep that sucker and show it off!)

    I feel so much better about using it rather than the cotton that will leave lint up in places I don't want it.

    Congrats on making the plunge!

  2. I use it too Amy. Like Kathy said it takes a bit to get used to but is totally worth it. :)

  3. Shucks, I wanted the lapel pin.

  4. @Kathy--OK, I'll pass on my pin. ( :

    @Jody--I'm actually looking forward to trying it out! Strange to say, but true.

    @Nick--You'll have to fight Kathy for it. She's pretty aggressive and I think you might be a pacifist. Maybe you can have my roommate's pin.

  5. I feel like if I tried to use the Diva Cup, I'd be emptying it every 2 hours. I have really heavy flow. (TMI, I know) I'd think about it though. I'm interested to hear how it goes!

  6. @Rach--I don't believe in TMI. I'll let you know...I'm typically in the mid-range with one semi-heavy day, but how much of what is coming out of me is me and how much is my soakin' tampon? Ya know?

  7. I know people who won't even use a tampon without an applicator... I'm trying to imagine their faces reading this post. It's kind of funny... and sad. I say: You go! And let us sheep know how it goes and we might just follow. :)

  8. @rachel. I also have a very heavy flow. the diva cup holds twice as much as a super tampon, and depending on how often you have to change those, the diva cup is less, nearly half that. I find that I empty it on a semi regular basis (like 5-6 times throughout the day) on my heavy flow days, but then towards the end, it keeps me going until I get off work.

    @nick. if you'll promise to wear it, maybe I'll consider relinquishing my claim. I am aggressive.