April 5, 2011

Seeing Double

Cat hair is my life. 
Hello, new Love. 

I went to the Dawn Hoffman school of bidding on ebay. That means with 5.6 seconds left, I put it my bid, thought I had lost because it wasn't the amount I put in (it was $12 less) and then realized I won and did a happy dance. I like to happy dance. It's my thing. 

This means I'm selling my old D50. I love that camera. This one is nicer though, and I'm ready for more. Details to follow...I'm going to check price comparisons. You asked, it looks like the D50+lens is going for around $275 on both craigslist and ebay, I'll probably be looking in that price range. If you're interested let me know. 


  1. How much are you selling it for? Partly from curiosity partly from interest.

  2. I'm with Jody—curiosity+interest. Me likey. Plus, I'm so excited you got the D90 (dream come true!)

  3. @Jody & James: It looks like the D50 is listed around $275 on both CL and eBay...I would probably be somewhere in that price range...maybe a little less. ( :

  4. I'm just in the interest/desire camp. and the knowledge that I really don't need it. I just covet a camera like that.