March 3, 2011


So, I had a first time, once in my lifetime, completely overwhelming experience yesterday. For those of you who know me on facebook or twitter, you know that I went to a men's Duke basketball game last night!
This man coached at the Olympics--the OLYMPICS, people. Awesome.
Duke vs. Clemson to be exact.
Mr. Plumlee
Miss V invited me to go with her. I'm a lucky duck. We also got to sit in the seats RIGHT UNDER THE BASKET. Amazing. When I got home, I looked at the tickets they gave us (we had to get tickets to make sure that the seats weren't sold to someone) and they were $65 seats! Which we got for FREE. I love knowing people who know people. ( :
Duke (sorry Mr. Kelly?)
We were so close the players could drip sweat on you.
Big Feet
I could see their gigantic feet. 
Coach K
I was so close Coach K could look you in the eye and make you pee your pants with one glance. The man's a little intimidating.

The first thing I noted when I entered Cameron stadium was the deafening noise. INSANE. They pack the house to full capacity-and apparently have since 1990-and from the floor it feels like the people are everywhere.

How packed is it? Well, I have no idea how they get this past fire codes.
Duke Fans
Blue Devil
Crazy Towel Guy
At some point during the game the students begin to chant "Crazy towel guy! Crazy towel guy! Crazy towel guy!" then you see this man stand up in the crowd and try to get the older folks in the crowd all revved up.

[New info via my friend Laura: Crazy towel guy's name is Herb Newbauer. He's been doing his thing since at least 1995, when Daniel and I got to Duke. Although strangely, his tickets switched sides somewhere along the way.]
Crazy Towel Guy
Then he swings his towel. It's awesome.

The Cameron Crazies:
Megan <3
She's #1.
This guy's face is my favorite.
Duke Hexing Clemson
These are actually the students "hexing" the Clemson player. Yeah, they do this hand wiggle thing any time a Clemson player enters the gym, stands on the sideline or whenever they feel it necessary. It's weird and that's all I have to say about that.

I would be remiss to not mention the fact that the athleticism shown on that court is amazing. These men are quick, agile, aggressive, smart and intense.
Nolan Smith
Mr. Plumlee
I saw this guy at Target today and I think a couple of the employees (50 year old men) swooned, don't worry about me, I held it together.
Coach Love
And it all ended with a little love from Coach K to his seniors on their last night in Cameron Indoor Stadium.


  1. I really wanted to write a post about the unique feel of the community inside cameron indoor. (especially after last year's duke/unc game, about a comparison with worship expectations.)

    oh, and, you picked my friend's face as your fave, you go to church with him... incase you hadn't picked up on that.

  2. @Kathy: really?!? I totally can't place him, I think it's because of the expression in the picture. I haven't seen that kind of intensity at church. ( ;

  3. GOD. You quick blogger, you! Awesome shots! It was a great experience and now we both know what Sugar Bubbles (ha, that's my new nickname for Megan. It just came to me this evening. I think it's gonna stick...) was talking about all this time. Oh and by the way, we have to have a photo shoot for Ms. V so that you can have a proper (and flattering) photo of her to put on your blog. Thus far, you have the side profile, double chin shot and the goofy look-at-me-I'm-eating-and-making-apple-pie shot. I'm too vain to let that fly, yo.

    Sigh. I need to be studying and not ranting. I'm out.

  4. @Viola: Sometimes I'm quick and sometimes I'm slow. We're totally taking senior pictures this spring when it's warm and the sun is shining. Then you can be all "I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful dammit."

    Yeah, that's a song Bette Midler sang.