March 13, 2011

Etsy LoVe: Accessories

OK, so it's time for some more Etsy up in this joint. In order to give myself more structure, I made an executive decision (can you make executive decisions in a team of one?) to go through their list of categories over on the left side of their website.

Since today is the first time for this, I'm in "Accessories."

I should tell you that I came to this conclusion after previously deciding that I would do a "Pounce" on the undiscovered--that haven't yet made their first sale--shops. Except there's generally a reason they haven't made their first sale...Now is a good time to let you know that there are lots of ways to shop on Etsy: locally, new shops, just listed items, colors, etc.

Without further ado, I bring you Accessories:

Mr. Mustache Handmade Coin Purse

I can't decide if I love that last one more for the picture or the hat! Sooooo cute!

Most expensive item in accessories?
Looking Through... Eyepatch, Black and Red with Eyeball and Lashes
There are actually two items with this $100,000 price tag. Yes, that's right ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for that eyepatch.

Least expensive item in accessories?
Polymer Clay Pin PIF
Just a tiny pin for $0.20, the "PIF" means this according to the seller:
PIF = Pay it forward. I just ask you pay for the listing and the shipping, you get the item for free. In return I want you to list a pif of your own or do something nice for someone that you wouldn't otherwise do.

Which is actually pretty cool. 

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone affiliated with any of these items or etsy itself, I just like to peruse the site from time to time.


  1. my new obsession.....