March 8, 2011


You know that when I travel, I generally spend several (emphasis on SEVERAL) hours by myself. Therefore I think about lots and lots of things, then I feel the need to share them with you.

Yesterday was no exception. I took my car, Bernard (yup, I have a Ford Focus named Bernard), to the shop, went to work, gave some massages, went to pick up my car and took off for the great state of Indiana around 2:20pm. 
  • I don't really speed, except when I have neglected to use the cruise control and I'm belting Sara Bareillis. As I hold the long notes with my voice, my foot apparently becomes made of lead.
  • As I passed into northern Virginia I kept looking at the side of the road thinking "what's that?!?!" Then I realized that "that" is snow. I keep thinking that I both miss and want winter, but the snow kind of shocked me. I think my mind is all kinds of messed up. ( :
  • Driving in the mountains is scary.
  • Are you supposed to take on/off overdrive in the mountains? I can never decide so I just go back and forth at will. 
  • Starbucks grande quad shot skinny cinni-dolce=delicious
  • I'm giving up facebook for lent, we have an unhealthy relationship.
  • Although, I am happy that BurgerKing offers a veggie burger, I still have a difficult time finding the healthiness in said veggie burger. I think the one I ate yesterday may have been deep fried or something, the texture was off. 
  • I swear I made it up here in 10 hours last summer, but with no traffic, driving 2-3mph over the speed limit it took me 10 hours 45 minutes yesterday. I must have made up that 10 hours thing. 
  • I drove by a horrible semi-truck accident in North Carolina. It was that moment when I decided to definitely definitely not speed or get tired. 
  • I like spending time by myself. It appeals to the introvert in my soul. 
  • I have so much crap. I have no idea how I'm going to get it all up here. 
  • My dream role is to play Ms. Rona Peretti in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.
  • I still don't understand why it would cost over $10 in shipping for a gift card, do tell TOMS. And why don't they offer an e-card? I don't understand why companies who are socially conscious are not also environmentally conscious in some of the simplest ways.
  • Trail mix is a complete meal.
  • I have recently become addicted to citrus fruit. I'm talking like, 2-3 oranges a day. Oranges are hard to peel in your car, especially if you have no fingernails. 
  • I had a great client yesterday. Some days clients suck your energy, your life, and some clients are just delightful and give you some energy. Yesterday I had the latter. It was exactly what I needed.
  • A tennis ball in my rhomboids (right between my shoulder blades) pushing back against the seat in the car was perfect around the border of Ohio-West Virginia. 
  • West Virginia fascinates me. It seems so different from my experience with it's mountains and small towns nestled in the valleys next to the rivers. It reminds me of Germany. I may have made that last part up in my head. 
  • I didn't bring my camera with me. First trip in several years without a camera. I feel weird. 
  • I am so excited about moving to Indiana this May. I will tell you more some other time, but suffice it to say right now my heart is saying, YESSSS!!!
I got in around 1:00am, fell into bed, and had a no-alarm clock morning. 
I woke up at 8:48am. 


  1. I agree with you on the Rona bit dear. It would be my dream role too :)
    Have fun in Indiana, I'm glad you made it safe :)

  2. @Maggie, I want to beeee her! (get it? spelling BEE? OK, I'm not very punny.) Indiana is cool and rainy, so I'm pretending I'm in Ireland. ( :