March 26, 2011

Etsy LoVE: Art

It's time for some Etsy fun! We've looked at a few accessories, now on to art!

There's some really stinkin' cute stuff in this section. We'll start with what I didn't choose, I do a highest and lowest ranking and simply go with whatever item is listed first although at times there can be several items that are the same price.

Most expensive:

VENUS Self Portrait

Yup, another $100,000.00 item. Is that the max on Etsy?

Least expensive:

Museum d'Orsay On Tilt - Made To Order

I don't really understand. Is it really $0.21??

Random[ish]ly selected things:

Kansas Love 

by poppyandpinecone

These last two are my favorites from this section. Of what I found and searched through. Did you know that you can go through about 10 pages before finding a listing from later than 6 hours. Lots of updates and new stuff on Etsy! ( :


by dazeychic

I know, right? So true.

Print No. Thirty-Six 

by HappyTownUSA

Please go to their store. Look at all the pictures, reminisce about playing with these "people" [that's what we called them as kids] in the nursery at church. Giggle at the pictures and captions. Feel warm contentment in your heart. Purchase a print if/when the mood strikes. 

Love life. 

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone affiliated with any of these items or etsy itself, I just like to peruse the site from time to time.

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