November 8, 2010

Secret Stuff

I don't think it's still a secret if I'm sharing it with the entire interwebs. Oh well, they're still secrets in my mind. If you see me or talk to me, pretend like you don't know these things.

1. I just had a Pumpkin Pie latte at Joe Van Gogh. It wasn't very good, but I'm still going to claim to like my local coffee over the Pumpkin Spice latte from the St*rbucks.

2. I'm in the third week of a couch to 5K training plan. I don't have a 5K to run at the end. That wasn't part of my goal. Here's the secret: I don't hate it. Scary stuff, right? 

3. I think I'm falling in love with Durham. I'm getting wishy-washy in my mind about potentially leaving next fall. See how I just used the word "potentially"? That's me being wishy-washy. Ack! 

4. I think I have the potential be a less funny, less skinny version of Liz Lemon. Yes, I'm still obsessed with 30 Rock. 

5. I paid (PAID MONEY!) to be on I think my membership expired. I say "think" because I failed to actually use it. I'm pretty sure I sent 2 emails during my whole experience, which is pretty lame. I just hate meeting people online. Well, I kind of hate meeting new people in general. I have social anxiety disorder.

6. I just diagnosed myself with social anxiety disorder. 

7. That diagnosis may be outside of my scope of practice. 

8. I'm going to yoga tomorrow for the first time ever. I'm scared that I'm not bendy enough. Theresa assured me that it's a class of old people, so maybe I'll still be one of the bendier people and I can feel good about myself. Should I feel good about comparing myself to 70 year-olds? 

9. I want my own kitchen that I don't have to share with anyone else and I want it to have a gas stove and a dishwasher.

10. I judge people who try too hard. Well, I judge everyone. That's another story for another time though. 

11. I spent 30 minutes at Target in the underwear section today. Buying underwear is hard work and then no one gets to see them to say, "Oh those are cute!" Tragically sad. OK, not tragically, but still I got some cute undies which will be appreciated by me and no one else. 

12. I'm doing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows updates, I'm trying to be excited, but the truth is...I think my excitement ran out before Half-Blood Prince. I'm going to plow through though. Just don't take my HP "excitement" too seriously.


  1. 1. be true. it's hard. (I have a discover cashback bonus proving the same)
    2. I wish I could run a 5k. there a TinKan run for thanksgiving at home... but I might walk.
    3. <3 durham. I actually know my way around.
    4. less funny? no. more. (who?)
    5. I was on okcupid for 6 years. I might have exchanged more than 2 emails with 3 people. one of them might have been my sister.
    6. aren't self diagnoses fun?
    7. but what is in is good.
    8. you'll do fine. I love yoga, and I haven't done it in too long.
    9. yes please. (drool)
    10. I judge those who smile too hard.
    11. oh those are cute! (I'm pretty sure I've done that before. ahh target you pull me in.
    12. marw. I like 'em. but it is another week before I'll see it.

  2. Number 7 made me laugh out loud! :) and I'm totally with you on everything else. Especially #10. Of course I judge myself the most harshly of all. Lee