November 25, 2010

Christmas Music

Now that it has been Thanksgiving it's officially time to break out the Christmas tunes. Of course, I have been listening to them for a couple of weeks now, so once Thanksgiving hits I'm not weird any more.


So perhaps I'm still weird. Whatever.

My top five Christmas songs:
5. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

4. Carol of the Bells
I especially love this song in an a cappella choral arrangement, which I could not find on YouTube. *sigh*

3. The 12 Days of Christmas, Straight No Chaser
Now, in general, I don't like the traditional version of this's soooo looo-oooo-oooo-ooong. If you don't yet listen to Straight No Chaser, you should. I want to have their a cappella babies.

2. O Holy Night
I have some major love for Josh Groban. The man has talent and his twitter is ridiculous. Come, on. Are you really surprised I follow him on twitter? (Is twitter capitalized? Proper noun? Twitter?)

1. Mary Did You Know?
There is no version of this song that stands up to the arrangement my high school choir conductor created for our women's chorus. It will remain in my mind, one of the best pieces of music I have sung. I love it...and I totally have a contraband (Really, I have no idea, but I like to think of myself as rebellious.) copy and I got to sing it last year for Christmas Eve service in a trio with Emily and Becky and that too was delightful.

Today, I am hanging out before eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner tonight with Viola, Josh and Christina. I'm having fish! ( :

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to Christmas music season!

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