March 4, 2010

Three Cats

No house needs three cats.

However, we have them.

Which can make for funny jokes.

3 girls+3 fill in the blank.

Mo and Sweet Tea would spend their lives looking out windows.
Sweet Tea likes to play. And snuggle. And play.

You all know that Hank is my favorite. He's my schmoopsie-poo. I love him. He was my Valentine this year. I am not his mother though. This is for certain.
This is a very happy Hank.

My least favorite cat is definitely Molasses. He is a little shit. Sorry. Pain in the butt? Yes, that too.
(This is actually a yawn, but doesn't he look ferocious?)

Reasons Mo is a poop-head:
1. He peed in my laundry as I sorted it.
2. He eats used q-tips out of the trash can. If there are clean ones out, he'll chew on those too.
3. He peed on my scarves in a basket.
4. He won't stay off the counters. (Although this is getting better unless what's going on on the counters involves tuna. Tuna...the smell is so appealing to a cat.)
5. He wakes up at inappropriate hours. OK, they all do this. Every morning around 6:00 they begin their playtime and then begin meowing until someone crawls out of bed to feed them. It is quite annoying.
6. He plays with his chicken on top of you in bed.

Mo loves his chicken. LOVE.

Megan calls it his cock.

I'm feeling rather inappropriate today. Sorry.

We're working on the pee thing. It's been better lately. He hasn't peed in anything except the litterbox that we know about. Of course, we're also being better owners by not putting boxes of stuff out and about in the house.


  1. What, no Sweet Tea? The teeny cat? The littlest pussy?

    I couldn't help myself.

  2. apparently Mo has a UTI which is contributing to his pissy (haha) behavior.

    he's forgiven.

    for the moment...