March 10, 2010

Sunday with the Wifeys

I don't know if "wifey" is a real word. I don't think it is. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be though.

Megan made up "wifey" when, well, we became her wifeys. You see, MG and I do pretty much all the shopping and cooking in these parts. Partly because we're control freaks. Or I'm a control freak. Partly because Megan is a crazy over-scheduled-working-two-jobs-and-going-to-grad-school-freak.

Yes, this is our life.

So remember back when it snowed? You know, at the very beginning of February? Well, that was the last time the three of us spent any quantity of time together. YES, we live together and we haven't spent time together in a month. We're on crazy-different schedules.

This past Sunday was an exception though! The light shone down from above and ahhhhh! we had a day where all three of us were off work! HOORAY!

We did what all 20-somethings would do.

Of course we didn't actually make it to Watt's Grocery until around 1:00 which meant that it was full and we had a 30 minute wait. So what were we to do? 
A perfect latte. Skim, sugar-fee caramel. WITH LATTE ART. Amazing.
It looks like Wilson from Cast-away, don't you think?

When we went in the wait was worth it.
Eggs Florentine

 Bith-cuits and Gravy

 Some Special Grit Thing That I Can't Remember The Name Of

The food was fresh, delicious, tasty, simple, and clean. Not just clean in that dirty vs. clean way, but clean on your palette. No mystery flavors. I liked it.

The sun was shining so we went for a quick walk in Duke Gardens. I hadn't been there before, so I was surprised to see how huge it was. And beautiful. Everyone else had headed out for the first spring-like day of the season. The grass was brown but that didn't prevent all the people from playing catch and cuddling on blankets.
I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but this girl happens to have her thong hanging out of her pants. It was very classy. (Oh, and I know I spelled "appropriate" incorrectly, I however, do not know how to easily fix it in photoshop and am therefore justifying it with this parenthetical disclaimer. Thank you.)

This is my personal fav of our group pictures.
What? You don't see it? OK.

Only a few flowers have bloomed already, but I'm guessing we'll have more soon...
 My personal favorite flower was this little one. It looked like some small, velvety leftover from last fall, but when you looked at it from the underside you could see the fresh, new yellow blossoms. I love surprises like that!

My Sunday ended with a trip to the Durham Performing Arts Center for a performance of Spring Awakening.


If you don't know Spring Awakening here's a little ditty:

This is the actual cast we saw...I felt that they were pretty good, at times the harmonies were not exactly...tight. The actress who played Ilse (the one on the right) pulled focus frequently in the group numbers. Annoying.

I hope your weather has been amazing like ours has out here! I love being able to go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the smell of spring!

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  1. The picture of Duke Gardens "appropriate" vs. "inappropriate" CRACKED me up.
    (However, is it wrong to say "cracked me up" when that girl's crack/thong was hanging out?!...pun intended??)