March 15, 2010

Things I Like, an alphabetical list

  • applesauce (homemade and preferably warm)
  • babies, baked goods, baths, blogs, Body Therapy Institute, butter
  • cheese, cheesing, citrus, coffee, cottage cheese, cream cheese
  • dancing, dogs, Durham
  • earrings, eggs, empire-waist dresses, epsom salts
  • family, farmer's market, flowers, flying, food, friends, fruit
  • games, gardens, glasses, Glee
  • Hank, higher education, honesty
  • Imogen Heap
  • juxtaposition
  • kinesthetic learning
  • lattes, laughter, Love Actually
  • Mac, massage, milkshakes, musical theatre
  • Nikon, noodles
  • Oliver Lake, orange juice (with pulp, please)
  • photos, pineapple, pink, pumpkin flavored anything
  • quirks
  • red pepper flakes, rss feed
  • singing, smiles, socializing, Spring Awakening, strengths
  • Target, texting
  • underwear
  • vanilla, vegetables
  • walking, water
  • x is a very difficult letter.
  • yes, you
  • zest, Zumba


  1. xkcd? if not, you should check it out. (it is a dot com.)

  2. oh.

    i'm dying.
    dying with laughter.

  3. *huge double fist pump*

    see. I told you.