March 24, 2010

Things I Dislike, a non-alphabetical list

  • sirens in songs. Who thought it would be a good idea to include emergency vehicle sirens in music you play in your car? EVERY time I have to check my rearview mirror and search for the emergency only to find that it's in my radio. 
  • cat hair; love the cats, hate the hair
  • pooping at work
  • beer, yes that kind and that kind too, it tastes like rotten grossness to me
  • cold, dirty dishwater
  • raw onions
  • body odor
  • expensive things I want
  • Ke$ha
  • doing my taxes
  • whiny-whiners
  • hotmail
  • jumpsuits/jumpers for adults
  • running
  • throwing up
  • mother nature (just once a month, if you know what I mean...)
  • ill-fitting clothing
  • 10-year high school, I have yet to attend one of these, but it scares the bejeebers out of me. 
  • bad communicaton
  • confrontation (I'm working with this edge)
  • many, many rainy days in a row (I like a few, though.)
  • Moody-McMoodsters
  • closed-mindedness, you can have your opinions and beliefs but it's a big world out there, can I please have mine too? and can she have hers? and his is valid as well, right?
  • the f-word
  • incorrect usage of: your/you're, their/they're/there, to/too/two
  • guns and violence in general
  • hate

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