November 3, 2010

Billy Elliot

Megan and I went over to our first show of the SunTrust Broadway Series at the Durham Performing Arts Center last night.
It was Billy Elliot.

It was amazing.

There's something magical about children on stage, it's almost an element of the show that allows the audience to breathe. You're not thinking about perfection, you're just impressed by the poise and talent of these kids. They know what they're doing. They're actors and dancers and singers. A little extra space that adults tend to give to kids pulls the audience into the story.
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There are five young actors playing Billy Elliot, and ours was Lex Ishimoto (the one in front).


We all know that I'm a rather--shall we say--emotive person. Also known as: I cry like a big, stinkin' baby.

Just for you, I shall share one of the moments that really had me chocked up. This is the song from when Billy is trying to find his inspiration for dance and he has a letter from his mom (who died when he was younger) which his dance teacher reads.
Tears streaming down my face. It was just so sweet and sad and heart-wrenching. I absolutely loved it.
(Yes, I really was that excited.)

And when it was over, all I could think was: "Why didn't I dance as a child? Who knows, I could be a *star*!" Mom? Why didn't I dance? Is it because I was slightly awkward and uncoordinated? I lacked flexibility and grace? I had the body of a shot-putter and not a ballerina? Why? 


  1. I once asked my mom why I never took dance as a kid and this is her response:

    "Rachel, we tried to take you to dance classes. You threw your blanket over your head and refused to go in."

    I cannot say I am surprised by my younger self.

  2. Okay--I think you were asked if you wanted to take ballet early on (first grade or so) and you said no. We probably didn't push it too hard since we would've had to drive you to Salina or Hutch for the dance classes. =-)

  3. I took students to this in Chicago in May, and I was so afraid they would all look over, pointing and laughing as I sobbed my face off. It's one of the most amazing theatrical experiences I've ever had. I didn't just cry at the touching moments like the letter, but also at strange and seemingly inappropriate times because the whole thing just washed over me. Wow, now I feel like I need to go see it again this weekend. Hmmm . . . .

  4. Rachel-I love this.

    Mom-What does a first grader know?!?!?! Where was the parental pressure? Now I will never reach my true dancing potential.
    ( :

    James-YES! I totally get this, in the first scene when the community comes together for the first song it just feels so...REAL. Definitely go see it again! I might have to go next week.