October 19, 2010


This an update on the update on the update on the Confession post of yore.

Yes, those are all links to different posts.

I thought I should share with you some dealbreakers. First let's define "dealbreaker" shall we?

Dealbreaker: Qualities or characteristics that make a man un-dateable to me. The things that I find 100%, no questions asked, I'm-not-compromising-on-this unappealing.

1. Not being a Christian: I know, I'm an open girl. I've got friends from all walks of life, but let's be real, I'm a Christian and he's gotta be one too. It's important to me.
2. Smoking: I mentioned it before. My mouth is not going anywhere near a smoker's mouth. The end.
3. Incorrect grammar: I can't handle the constant correcting in my head. And we all know it's gonna be flying out of my mouth soon and then neither one of us will be able to stand me.
4. No sense of humor? I don't think this is going anywhere.
5. Transitions lenses: PLEASE, if you are under the age of 58 just don't. If you're over 58 you probably shouldn't but I can accept it, mostly because I'm not going to date you. (Not that I'd really date anyone much older than their mid-thirties.) They're not cool, no one ever actually thinks that they're sunglasses and they age you significantly. I know they're for your eye health, but they still look tacky. Purchase some sunglasses please, then we can talk.

Oh, and no one has ever e-mailed me. I thought you people had my back. What's the deal? I put myself out there and nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Come on, really, no one?


  1. I just had the same conversation about the transitions lenses the other day! SERIOUSLY???

  2. I am going to stand by my transitions. My eyes need to be protected, and I can't get prescription sunglasses. Just my two cents... but I can understand the phobia, I had it once.

  3. Jessica, I still love you. I accept your eye protection, however my future spouse will not be allowed to have them. I'm standing firm. He will have burned eyeballs before he's allowed transition lenses. OK, maybe not.

  4. I know I'm Super late to this party... But I just had to tell you that my list had 5 simple and unalterable things on it (plus the addition of Plays the Piano, which was less of a deal breaker and more a prayer!). Things that would cause such a huge rift that it would just never work... I got ONE of my five. And things turned out pretty well anyway. I'm just saying...